At Drip Capital Partners, we invest in remarkable founders to give them quick, straightforward exits that protect their team and culture and keep their businesses operating for the long–term.

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Meet Nick

I have an MBA, but I didn't learn business from a textbook. I learned it from operating large-cap businesses, turning around distressed businesses, scaling venture-backed businesses, and starting and running my own businesses.

I understand what it takes to get a business off the ground, to find product-market fit, and struggle to make payroll. I know what it's like to work hard day in and day out to make your dream a reality.

I have also seen the costs of the short-term mindset of private equity and venture capital up close. How they strip businesses of their souls.  How they load them up with debt. How they value growth over everything else.  How they force companies to take shortcuts.

I want to do something fundamentally different.

I built Drip Capital to be the kind of company that I would want to buy my own company. One that takes a long-term view. One that focuses on growing businesses, not just flipping them. One that provides financing on fair terms, without saddling businesses with debt.  And one that takes care of employees and creates opportunities for them to grow wealth if the business grows.

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Our Values

We see every day as an opportunity to turn values into action:

  • Put people first
  • Speak plainly
  • Earn everyone's trust
  • Win the marathon, sprint by sprint
  • Practice candor with care