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the hassle

Our sole purpose is to partner with one great business owner to give them a quick, straightforward exit that protects their team and keeps their business operating for the long term.

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You've worked too hard to sell your business to private equity, or worse yet, your competition

After years of building your business into a profitable, enduring company, you want to ensure that you have the right buyer and the right deal.

You need someone who understands your business and its potential and will help you continue to grow it once you're gone. 

You need Drip Capital.

Drip Capital is not a private equity firm. It's a partnership backing Nick McClishan entrepreneur whose goal is to acquire and manage a single, great business. 

We're not interested in quick flips or maximizing short-term gains. We're here for the long haul to help you preserve your legacy and continue to grow the business you have worked so hard to create.

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Why sell to us?

Private Equity

  • Full or partial cash out
  • 3–6 month process
  • Founders locked in with earn out structure or forced out
  • Terms could make your equity worthless
  • Intervene and change your culture
  • Typically flip your company in 3-5 years


  • Full or partial cash out
  • 3–12 month process
  • Founders locked in with earn out structure
  • Terms could make your equity worthless
  • Employees made redundant and terminated
  • Legacy lost inside your competitor's business

Drip Capital

  • Full or partial cash out
  • Deal size ranging from $3M–$50M+
  • 30-90 day process
  • Founders can stay or go, we're flexible
  • Operate as-is with no culture change
  • Holds company for the longterm

Our process is fast,
fair, and friendly

With strong backing

We're looking for a business that has:

Recurring revenue

Equal focus on new and old customers

High margins

Healthy and sustainable

Healthy profit

EBITDA between $1.5M -$10M

Successful operations

Of five years or longer

Competitive advantage

Like a brand, team, or niche

A rockstar team

With a positive attitude and growth mindset

Not sure if your business fits the bill?
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